Health Kit

What Is In The Coordinated School Health Kit?

  • Eight spiral-bound implementation and activity booklets, one for each of the following groups:
    • Administrators
    • Health service providers
    • Classroom teachers
    • Counselors, social workers and psychologists
    • Nutrition services
    • Support faculty and staff
    • Physical education teachers
    • Students/families/community members.
  • One coordinated school health implementation calendar (22"x 35" laminated), with a dry erase pen
  • Three program guides are included, one for pre-k, one for k-6 and one for the middle school comprehensive health education program.
  • Three sets of sticker sheets, one each with the different themes Caring, Physical Activity, and Faces
  • One Dr. Smartstuff Good Health Award (8.5" X 11" for duplication)
  • One MyPlate poster (22" x 35")
  • One "Good Health, It’s a Family Affair" CD

How Do You Get Started?

Located in THE GREAT BODY SHOP Coordinated School Health Implementation Guide for Administrators is a step-by-step strategy for establishing the school health committee. The suggested make up of each committee includes parents, students, food service workers, school administrators and community members, as well as other individuals who represent other wellness areas. It is this committee that works together to develop school-specific wellness policies and designates activities which fulfill those policies as well as the measures for success.