Coordinated School Health Program

What is a healthy school? You can probably see it! Students, families and staff are preparing and eating nutritious meals. They are physically active, emotionally healthy, and know how to access school and community resources when help is needed. The school facility is clean and comfortable, as well as conducive to both learning and health. Staff members, students and parents work together for the good of the school and support one another’s efforts in bringing children what they need to be healthy, productive learners. From curriculum to school lunches, from the nurse’s office to the custodian’s closet, from P.E. class to the teacher’s lounge, the message manifested at the school site is that health promotion and maintenance is a group effort in which everyone has roles, responsibilities and possibilities. Sound like a dream? It’s not! It is a very real vision for what can be achieved when coordinated school health is made into a reality.

Coordinated school health is defined as an interrelated, school-wide approach that establishes and maintains an atmosphere that actively participates in and supports overall wellness and health promotion for students, staff and families. It has eight essential components that when brought together create a healthy school.