Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order the Teacher's Guides without the Student Issues?

No. Our program is not a resource program. It is a total curricular approach. The Teacher's Guides must be ordered with the student issues for each student for the program to work effectively.

Can I order the program in other languages? If so, which ones?

The K-6 Student Issues are printed in Spanish as well as English. You can also get a Spanish Insert for the K-6 Teacher's Guide, which includes the Spanish translation for all Black-lined Masters, and Family Bulletins.

How soon after ordering are materials shipped?

Materials are shipped usually within three weeks.

How do I arrange for training?

Speak with the program consultant in your area, e-mail us or call our office. You can reach the Training Department by dialing (800)782-7077 ext. 1003.

How long is the training?

The training is planned with your school district's needs in mind. Basic orientation is usually three hours. See Training. What is the cost of your training? Training costs vary depending on the kind of training and the length of the session. Call our Training Department to discuss costs of training, (800)782-7077 ext. 1003.

Do you address character education? bullying? diabetes? asthma? other diseases?

We address all of these topics and more wherever appropriate throughout the whole program at every grade level.

What do you do about special education?

Special Education has a very special place in THE GREAT BODY SHOP. Every lesson accounts for differentiated instruction – it's just Best Practice. When it come to special needs, our team of experts have compiled a list of the top ten suggestions to a make accommodations. We also work with the National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC) to ensure that all student materials are accessible.

Are you aligned with the National Standards for Health Education?

Absolutely! We can provide you with a document matching each part of our program to the national standards.

Do you do curriculum matches to state and local standards?

We routinely respond to requests from school districts to provide them with matches of our program with local and state standards.

Can this program be integrated into other subject areas?

Absolutely! We hope that it will be integrated across all curricula. Using the cross-curricular chart provided in every lesson, teachers can incorporate activities from each lesson that strengthen skills in another discipline while tapping differing modes of learning.

Do you teach life skills?

Yes. THE GREAT BODY SHOP is heavily skill based. Learning is programmed to meet performance standards.

Do you recommend children's books and websites?

Yes, they are located in the Current Customer section of our web site, under “The Library.”

How frequently do you update the program?

We are constantly updating THE GREAT BODY SHOP. Each year you will see changes as they become needed in the Student Issues. The Teacher's Guides are also updated to match the Student Issues. When major changes are made in a particular section of the Teacher's Guide, we notify you through our blog, ShopTalk.

Do you integrate technology into the program?

Yes, we are strong believers in the value of technology, both to make life easier for teachers and administrators and to provide the kind of challenges that can only be available to students through the wonderful pathways of knowledge on the internet.

Who do you recommend should teach the program?

THE GREAT BODY SHOP was designed to be taught by classroom teachers who have no previous background in health. It can also be taught by health teachers.

How does the program address parent involvement?

We never forget that parents are the primary educators of their children. THE GREAT BODY SHOP has the strongest parent component of any health education curriculum program that we know of. Parents are encouraged to participate at home, in the school and in the community. That is why we designed Family Issues (Pre-K), Family Bulletins (K-8), and Touching Home (7-8).

How does the program link to community resources?

THE GREAT BODY SHOP has firm community roots. The program had its origin in a hospital based education program. While our primary focus is educating families, communities are the larger family that also must be healthy to nurture the families within. Lessons throughout the program address ways students and their families can contribute to the community and benefit from its resources.


The Children's Health Market works with an editorial team of experts in health and education to produce the program.

Who created the biographies for the characters?

The biographies for the characters were in large part created by multi-cultural focus groups from different parts of the country.

Does Dr. Smartstuff have an email address?

Yes, Dr. Smartstuff does have an email address and he loves to receive emails from students at

Do you include the leading health indicators for Healthy People 2020?

Yes. THE GREAT BODY SHOP is written to include the leading health indicators and designed to produce healthy children and adults.