The Materials

For Teachers

  • Common Core State Standards for English, Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects embedded in each lesson
  • Complete step by step lesson plans and/or outlines
  • Homework, portfolio work, and cross-curricular activities
  • Student Issues to focus student attention on learning
  • Instructional Log for tracking progress in teaching to standards
  • Performance objectives, pre/post tests, and assessment rubrics
  • Posters, graphic organizers, materials lists, and black line masters
  • Quizzes, games, and multiple assessment opportunities
  • Websites, the Bookshelf, and community resources
  • Web-based assessment, online-testing
  • Printed and digital formats for student and teacher materials

For Students

  • Student Issues to use in school and then take home (English and Spanish)
  • Fun characters and puppets
  • Hundreds of activities to match different learning styles and levels
  • Letter writing to Dr. Smartstuff
  • Community resources, websites, and books
  • Music for kindergartners

For Families

  • Monthly Family Bulletins (English and Spanish)
  • Family Activities
  • Student Issues to use as resources for family health
  • Special interactive parent/teacher website
  • Parent education resources and reliable websites

For Administrators

  • Meets national and state health education standards
  • Is research-based and proven to influence and change behavior
  • Tracks implementation with web-based technology
  • Provides comprehensive and coordinated health
  • Helps districts meet the federal ‘Wellness Policy’
  • Ensures conformity in curriculum implementation
  • Takes the place of numerous categorical programs
  • Customizes staff development and training opportunities
  • Is affordable and fundable through numerous pathways