The Materials

For Teachers

  • Nine thematic units
  • Two learning levels
  • Nine Student Issues per level
  • One Teacher’s Guide per level
  • Alternative teaching strategies
  • Targeted extension activities
  • Project and performance-based assessments
  • Social/emotional learning and life skills
  • Family Bulletins
  • Meets national standards for health education
  • Printed and digital formats for student and teacher materials

For Students

  • Engaging Student Issues
  • Interactive lessons
  • Builds critical thinking
  • Project-based learning
  • Real World Performance Assessment Tasks

For Families

  • Family Bulletins
  • Touching Home discussion starter
  • Current and reliable health resources

For Administrators

  • Common Core for English, Language Arts, and Literacy embedded in all lessons
  • Integrates the National Educational Technology Standards
  • Annually updated
  • Never obsolete
  • Emphasizes life-long learning
  • Meets the unique social, emotional, and cognitive needs of young people ages 11- 14
  • Impacts student health behavior and academic achievement
  • Research-based