Interest Area Activities Book

THE GREAT BODY SHOP Interest Area Activities Booklet contains many items that will help you as you implement the curriculum. This book contains the lyrics to each song, a monthly overview of each unit, high frequency words of the week, special education notes, puppets to use during Circle Time Dialogue, and Interest Area Activities.

There are ten Interest Area Activity suggestions per month. You can choose to use any of the Interest Area activities that correspond to the monthly theme. These are extra suggested activities to help build a connection between health and other curricular areas. Some activities may be appropriate for more than one week, others may need to be in place during a whole unit. The Interest Areas have been planned to give you maximum flexibility in planning for the particular needs of your students.


Activity 4: Stop, Look, and Listen Match

Objective:To practice one to one correspondence using safety signs

Developmental Components:Cognitive, physical

Interest Areas:Math, Numeracy


  • Stop, Look, and Listen worksheet, one per child
  • construction paper: red, yellow, green
  • glue
  • example of final project

Copy the Handouts for Stop, Look, and Listen signs. Pre-cut the following shapes out of construction paper allowing enough room to past each sign. Make a large red circle for “Stop.” Make a large yellow triangle for “Look” and large green square for “Listen.” Have children glue the signs onto the correct colored shape. Place a model at the center for students to follow. Have children practice reading the signs. Ask children to count the number of signs.