The Materials

Our Pre-K kit is everything a preschool teacher needs to bring comprehensive health education to children and their families. THE GREAT BODY SHOP Pre-K kit is great fun for children, and teachers alike. It comes with everything a teacher needs to work with up to 20 little learners.

For Teachers

  • 5-10 minute scripted Circle Time lessons on every Big Book Page
  • Three Circle Times each week, one health theme each month
  • Reading, math, language, social skills integrated into Circle Time
  • 100 Interest Area Activity Ideas
  • Suggestions for Words of the Week
  • Special Education notes
  • Student assessments
  • Child-centered, constructivist approach, that applies critical thinking skills
  • No prior background in health education needed

For Students

  • Puppets to use during Circle Time
  • Ten monthly theme songs
  • Activity-based learning
  • Activities and projects to share with families

For Families

  • Partnership in the teaching and learning process
  • Family CD with ten health songs
  • Family Issues, one each month, with health information, suggestions for family activities, and a game to play

For Directors

  • A research-based curriculum, with four independent studies to document effectiveness
  • Curriculum that integrates developmental assets and actively engages families
  • Integration of social, emotional, developmental, cognitive, and academic skills that prepare students for kindergarten
  • Assurance of compliance that Pre-K students are getting consistent, quality health instruction