Backpack Safety

Did you know that heavy backpacks can create life-long back, shoulder, neck pain, and posture problems? 28,600 people in the United States were treated for backpack injuries in 2013. Heavy backpacks also make it easier for kids to fall down or accidentally hit others with their pack.

Key signs that your child's backpack is too heavy:

  • Trouble putting on or taking off the backpack
  • Trouble walking or change in posture with backpack on
  • Pain when wearing the backpack
  • Red strap marks on shoulders

The 1, 2, 3's of Backpack Safety:

1. Choosing the Right Backpack

  • Back of the backpack should be at your child's shoulder blades and should not sit lower than their hips
  • Back of the backpack and straps are padded

2. Packing the Backpack Correctly

  • Pack heavy items into the center of the bag
  • Keep it lightweight! Your child's backpack should not weigh more than 10% of your child's body weight. If it is heavier, help them carry the rest or see if they can leave things at school.

3. Wearing the Backpack Correctly

  • Make sure your child is using both straps and that they are tight on their shoulders
  • If backpack has chest and waist straps, make sure your child is using them

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