New Year's Resolutions: Making Goals That Stick

Simply deciding to make a change is not enough to make it happen. You must make an action plan and stick with it for lasting change.

  • Start small-don't make too many goals at once. Keep your goals measurable and realistic.
  • Make a plan with simple steps and write it down.
  • Tell someone-you and your child can share and compare progress on your goals. Try checking in every day on the way to school or at dinner time.
  • Forgive yourself and adjust-Achieving your goal is not a race. The key is to just keep moving forward. If you are not reaching the steps you laid out for yourself, adjust your steps and continue on.
  • Congratulate yourself-even small successes are worth congratulating yourself over!
  • Bonus: Ask your child what they have learned about Setting Goals with The Great Body Shop and put these to work, too.